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The powers that be have decided to delete George Smith's entry in wikipedia (why, that's a good question). I found this information to be a very straightforward account of what is 'known' about what happened to George Smith IV. So I am reprinting it below before it is lost forever to the caverns of the Internet. The information needs to be out there...

George Allen Smith IV (b. February 2, 1979 - July 5, 2005) is the subject of a murder investigation aboard the Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Brilliance of the Seas. Smith was discovered to be missing on July 5, 2005, ten days after his wedding to Jennifer Hagel Smith, while cruising the eastern Mediterranean Sea between Greece and Turkey.

Early life
Smith was born on October 3, 1978, in Greenwich, Connecticut, U.S.A., and grew up in the suburb of Glenville to be 6' 2" tall and play high school football. He ran Cos Cob Liquor store with his father in Glenville.
Jennifer Hagel of Cromwell, Connecticut was the daughter of a real estate agent and a builder. At 26, Smith married Hagel on June 25, 2005 in Newport, Rhode Island where they had met. They left 4 days afterward from Barcelona, Spain to honeymoon on a 12-day cruise to Turkey, a package reportedly valued at $10,000: a mid-ship stateroom, portside on the 9th deck, with a balcony overlooking the ocean.

Incidents prior to the disappearance
The Smiths made friends with a group of young men earlier during the trip. The group included:
Three Russian-Jews in their early 20s who are naturalized American citizens living in Brooklyn
Rostislav "Rusty" Kofman (cousin of brothers Greg and Zach Rozenberg)
Greg Rozenberg
Zach Rozenberg
California man Josh Askin, 20.
Smith and his wife Jennifer had been gambling the night of July 4 and drinking heavily, including absinthe. Askin has said that Mrs. Smith was flirting with the casino manager and implicated the man in a possible robbery of the Smiths' cabin. Passenger Margarita Chaves reported that she (Mrs. Smith) kicked her husband in the groin. Mrs. Smith apparently eventually fell asleep in a lounge area. The three or four young men helped George Smith back to his cabin in the early morning hours of July 5.
Realizing that Mrs. Smith was not with them, Mr. Smith asked the group to help look for her, but they were unable to find her. They returned to the Smith cabin and left George Allen Smith for the night.
At 4:05 a.m. local time on July 5, a passenger in a cabin adjoining the Smiths' cabin—California deputy police chief named Cletus Hyman—called the Guest Relations desk to complain about loud "drinking game noises" coming from the Smith cabin. Hyman reported being awakened twice by loud voices, then looking into the corridor and seeing three young men depart, hearing "the sound of furniture moving" as if the room was being put back in order, and eventually hearing "a horrific thud" in the vicinity of the balcony.
Pat and Greg Lawyer, passengers in the cabin on the other side of the Smiths, later reported hearing in the same time frame soft male voices in the corridor, a commotion in the room, and the sound of furniture being roughly moved and things thrown around. When security members responded to Hyman's complaint at around 4:30 a.m., the noises had already stopped. Greg Lawyer suggested they enter the room because "the room was being trashed," but with no answer and no noise, the security men chose not to enter the room.
According to their attorneys, the young men ordered room service from their own cabin between 4 and 4:30 a.m.. The group, who had also been drinking heavily, even took photos of the room service because they were amazed at the amount of food.
According the ship's records, shortly after 4:30 a.m., Mrs. Smith was reported unconscious on the floor of a corridor on the other side of the ship from her cabin. Ship personnel arrived and remained with Mrs. Smith while two crew members went to her cabin to find her husband, but the cabin was empty. Mrs. Smith was taken back to her cabin by wheelchair by two security guards and a female supervisor and left there at 4:57 a.m..
The ship arrived in Kusadasi, Turkey at 6:14 a.m., and passengers were cleared to go ashore at 6:39 a.m..

Reports of blood

Around 8:30 on the morning of July 5, after the ship had docked, teenager Emilie Rausch (along with her older sister and mother) reported seeing what appeared to be a bloody stain several feet long on the almost 12-foot wide metal canopy over the life boats below passenger balconies. Fearing a passenger gone overboard, crew members searched the ship and initially failed to account for three passengers: Smith, his wife, and one other. Mrs. Smith was found in the ship's spa and the third passenger was later accounted for. Only Mr. Smith remained missing, despite an extensive search and review of "SeaPass," the cruise line's means of tracking those who enter and leave the ship.
Royal Caribbean's official public statement describes the initial reporting of the incident this way:
The initial reports of blood on the canopy came in just after 8:30 a.m., over two hours after the ship had docked and many passengers and crew had departed. Within 10 minutes, the canopy area was secured, and a thorough search of the ship was undertaken for passengers in the cabins above and surrounding the bloodstain. Three guests, including Mr. and Mrs. Smith, were initially unaccounted for and did not respond to pages. By approximately 9:15 a.m., the ship's officers gave instructions that American and Turkish authorities be notified.
As part of the search following the initial passenger reports of seeing blood on the canopy, the ship's Chief Officer entered the Smiths' cabin at 8:41 a.m. and determined the cabin was empty. Since the Smiths had not been found, the Captain ordered the cabin sealed and a guard was posted around 8:50 a.m. Ship's personnel continued to search the ship for the missing guests.
Shortly before 10:00 a.m., the Staff Captain and two other ship officials went to the Spa, where they had been informed Mrs. Hagel Smith was having a massage. She was asked to come out of the treatment room and to meet with them in a nearby private room. The officers were relieved to have found one of the missing guests, but requested her help in ascertaining any information concerning the whereabouts of her husband. She responded that she was not aware that Mr. Smith was missing or where he was. Mrs. Hagel Smith also told the officers her husband may have slept elsewhere. She added they had been partying and that he had slept elsewhere on the ship on at least one other night during the cruise.
A female guest relations manager was assigned to accompany Mrs. Smith and assist her during the subsequent investigation. Mrs. Smith was provided with clean clothes from the gift shop by the cruise line and allowed to call relatives at home.

Criminal investigation
Both the Turkish police and the FBI were notified about the disappearance by 10:30 a.m. local time. An FBI investigator who happened to be vacationing in Kusadasi was assigned to look into the incident.
The Turkish police arrived at the ship at 12:30 p.m. and conducted a full forensic investigation of both the cabin and the metal canopy. They took blood samples, fingerprints, photographs, and collected other evidence in the room. The police questioned Mrs. Smith, two other passengers, and four members of the ship's crew. The Turkish authorities informed Royal Caribbean that the evidence had been delivered to the FBI and that they were free to clean the cabin and the metal canopy. Royal Caribbean reported that it cleaned the canopy at 6:15 p.m. local time, but kept the cabin sealed except for further brief examination by the U.S. Consulate on July 7, and did not clean it until July 11.
After retrieving Mrs. Smith's clothes and valuables and handing them over to a U.S. consulate official in the Smiths' cabin at the time, the cruise line chose to seal the cabin. They also chose to power wash the awning to keep other passengers from gawking.

Blood stains were found running from the balcony of Smith's cabin to life boats. A bloody handprint was found on an outside balcony railing. A chair was pushed up against the railing on Smith's balcony.
Karen Drake, a passenger in a cabin across from Smith's, said in an interview:
I'm worried, definitely, that there was some kind of serious foul play. Unless you were playing "king of the world", you know, it's just not possible to fall over. And I just -- there was so much blood. And the distance from his balcony to that deck was not that great, you know, to generate that kind of injury.

Incidents subsequent to the disappearance
Jennifer Hagel Smith has since complained publicly that the cruise line treated her callously, tried to keep the incident quiet, was negligent in its handling of the cabin and bloody canopy, and tried to claim that the disappearance of her husband was an accident despite evidence of foul play. Royal Caribbean has responded with several press releases during January 2006 giving their side of the story, including detailed accounts of the services they provided to Ms. Hagel Smith after Mr. Smith's disappearance; the nature of the involvement of the FBI, the U.S. Consulate in Turkey, and Turkish authorities; and a visit to the ship by forensics expert Dr. Henry Lee, requested by the Smith family's legal team.
Margarita Chaves, the same passenger who claimed to have seen Mrs. Smith kick Mr. Smith, claimed to have spoken to Josh Askin, who reportedly said to her, "The room service is what saved us." This statement has been interpreted several ways.
Three days after George Allen Smith vanished, three young American men were put off the ship in Italy following the alleged sexual assault of a young woman aboard ship, which was videotaped by the men. At least two of the men had been part of the group that had escorted Smith back to his cabin in the hours before he was reported missing.
Attorneys for the young men known to have seen Smith last have stated that they believe the incident was a tragic accident resulting from too much alcohol and that Smith moved a chair to the balcony to sit on the railing, lost his balance, and fell overboard.

On June 29th, 2006 a corporate release was posted on Royal Caribbean's investor relations website titled "Royal Caribbean and Jeniffer Hagel Smith reach settlement" The release failed to detail the terms of the settlement, but quoted several statements of Jeniffer Smith which seemed to convey a sense of civility and partial closure between the two parties.


Anonymous ROSETTA said...


10:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

George Smith was Murdered.

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

rosetta... it turns my stomach to read your blog. Are you aware of the fact that people can not grief their whole life, but that they give the pain a place? I don't know how much time there was between the events on the cruise and the Oprah show, but you can't keep wheeping! Maybe this just shows what a sensation-seeking person you are! No tears is no pain? Thats Bs, and coming from someone that 'observes' people as a profession????? I might think you work in a zoo!

1:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in England, and just saw some footage on this tragedy. I am seriously disturbed by this attitude that if a woman doesn't weep and cry and gnash her teeth on TV for the lurid entertainment of everyone not involved, that she is somehow a liar or a murderer. This is a sad accident. He was drunk, went out on the balcony and fell over and into the sea. No one to blame. Yet everyone wants someone to blame, because we think we Westerners are so sacred to the universe that no accidents ever happen to us -- some one must have done it. Rubbish. Leave the woman alone. No one should have to mourn a loved one and be a performing monkey for the public at the same time.

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In response to Rosetta. Wow, all that from watching Oprah? Amazing. The spelling and grammar usage, it was difficult to understand, it made me "sick to my stomach." Regardless, what a terrible tragedy and unsolved mystery. What a horrible way to die, if he fell overboard. Very sad.
In response to Anonymous, how do you know he was "Murdered?" (By the way, the word is not capitalized.)

1:10 PM  
Blogger munya said...

The whole story is sad, however all i can say is may his soul rest in peace. Accusations are not going to bring him back.

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My opion and listening to the few interviews with Jennifer,I think in her voice she sounds like a guilty, know more then shes saying person. My thoughts are come clean with the information.But my thoughts and prayers go out to George's family,and I hope someday soon,you get closer.

1:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rosetta,some of what you said is valid,but your spelling is like that of a second grader & hard to read let alone follow.I believe the husband was murdered too but I don't think Jennifer had anything to do with it.The fact that she was seen flirting while she was on her honey moon then found passed out on the floor makes me wonder if she's not a whore and George just didn't know it yet.She was found passed out a few doors down from the same men that helped her husband and the crews cabins.George Smith's family thinks she don't want something to come out,sounds to me like she was rolling around in the sack with another man,this is why she don't want to end up in court.How would that look on her honey moon sleeping with someone besides her husband.She was probably drugged and kept busy while her cabin was tossed because her husband was bragging that he had fifty thousands dollars with him.I find it hard to believe he fell over the side,sounds like he was knocked out and thrown over.The whole thing stinks and I wouldn't doubt it if the captin and some crew member's were in on this.The captin was fired or retired right after all this-why?To many disapperances have been happening for the last couple years on these ships.I think it's time it's all looked into,the case with Amy Lynn Bradley is just as strange.When looking at the pictures of Jennifer saying she was 26 threw me,she looks more like between 35-37 with the skin of a women that drinks alot.Something tells me that where ever this woman goes,problems follow.I'm really sorry for the family of George Smith,I just don't think that they are going to ever find out what happened.His wife is to money hungry to care.

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

jennifer smith his new wife was a piece of trash,anyone can see that from her actions.actions speak louder than words,being found drunk on the floor pass out-what a lady she sounds to be.something about this whole thing sounds funny,my moneys with the 3 guys accused of rape.2 of them were in his cabin earlier putting him to bed,sounds funny to me.

8:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My theory it was the two men who were also charged with the sexual assault and possibly the third. I can't believe his wife did it, apparently she was very small and he was a huge strapping man. I just don't think it would be possible for her to have the strength to throw or push him overboard. He may have died to due to an accident during a drinking game, and they threw him overboard to cover it up. To me it makes the most amount of sense. But of course it is just a theory. He may have committed suicide too, although not very likely.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This case looks like it may have potential CIA or organized crime connections. That would account for the nature of the evidence in the case, and the way it is being dealt with.

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The TV series Haunting Evidence turned two psychics loose on the ship and they each had different scenarios for what happened. The agreed that the two were drinking heavily as eye witnesses stated, and then they say that a transformation occurred and that the wife tried to get her husband jealous by flirting with some of the boys they were drinking with. Three boys then walked the husband to his room, and according to one psychic, got him riled up by talking about his wife. He fell, hit his head, and was bleeding heavily. He was then thrown off the balcony which could account for the bloody hand print found on the railing. When she recounted this scenario the door cabin was opening and shutting under apparently its own accord thus pointing to a ghostly manifestation in response to the proposed scenario. The other psychic said that the husband was really drunk, and was sitting on the balcony rail before losing his balance and falling overboard.

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger FleaStiff said...

Despite a possibly alcohol-induced attack on her new husband and a departure with the casino cashier with whom she may have been intimate, there would be no reason for homicide.
There is a lip on the canopy onto which the body fell and the body did not later roll off, it was dragged off of the canopy. This would require use of the exterior ladder which means access to the ladder two decks down and knowledge of how to use it. So we are clearly looking at ship's officers as the killers. I think its utterly unrelated to any infidelity. Someone may have felt his shipboard job was threatened or he may have been seeking valuables he thought were in the cabin.

3:33 PM  
Blogger prem said...

Well, I just found ot about George Allen Smith's death yestreday after watching "20 Most Shocking Unsolved Crimes" on E!

Well, this may not even count for anything, but Allen seems to be a reasonably good looking guy (may expalin some foul play involved with his wife kicking his groin) and just look at his wife, she is kinda attractive..so, i dunno, i mean, i think something really BAD happened on the ship before he got killed.

No matter how drunk you were, i DO NOT think anyone would PUSH a furniture to the SIDE of a balcony, SIT on it and then "accidentally" trip. A drunk person would just hit the bed right after he has reached the room. I'm a medical intern and all I can tell you guys is that when you are drunk to the xtent described by this article, you would be unable to move a limb, let alone walk to your room! Someone carried him for sure, god knows whom, god knows where. But this was definitely NOT an accident!

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who did the grieving wife marry
was he anyone from the cruise

suspicious me


5:09 PM  
Blogger FleaStiff said...

Dear Suspicious Me,
I dont think you need worry about the bride having met someone aboard the ship. If the bride had remained married to her husband for 3 more months she would have been very wealthy as that is when his parents were going to transfer their business to him.
I think it more likely he was murdered by a ships officer familiar with the exterior ladder mechanism that allowed access to the canopy so the body could be pushed off it and into the sea.

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an interesting story - after seeing a documentary about this and also reading various articles on the internet, it surely sounds like he was murdered but I don't understand what the motive was. I understand that he has $50 grand on him during that cruise and maybe this was part of it. With the blood on the cruise deck...how could blood accumulate on the deck if he fell overboard? It's all speculation, but I envision that he was mostly "out-of-it" in his room just before being murdered and then the culprit probably made sure by tying him up with something perhaps and pushing him over the balcony ? Who knows but it will but it definately sounds like murder and his wife doesn't seem to be much of a quality person based on some of her behaviors during that cruise (flirting while on a honeymoon & passing out on the floor ?) I understand it's a party ship and a loose atmosphere but her behavior was typical of a whore more than a party-going honeymooner. I hope this case gets resolved.

3:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like the wife did not want to be involved in this marriage and may have given that $50,000 in cash that the husband had on him to someone to end the marriage for her. Sounds like murder the more I think about it...whoever did it was just a 3rd party acting on the wife's behalf. Sounds like they would need to get him real drunk to do something like this also because he was a big fellow and probably could have handled himself even if moderately drunk. Foul play for sure probably with some drugging in addition to getting him to play drinking games all in order to set him up just to get several thousand in cash ? Sad.

4:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like murder to me. The bloody handprint found on the railing suggested he was bleeding before he fell off the ship.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What if Jennifer and the Casino manager went off for a rendezvous, thinking that her husband would be so drunk he would not know she was missing, and then, his new friends helped him back to his cabin. Then when he opened the door, he saw that his wife was not there so he went looking for her. Then perhaps he ran into the two of them in the corridor or somewhere in a comprimising position. What if an arguement ensued and George threated to tell the man's superiors, and he did not want to lose his job so a fight broke out.
What if Jennifer also was afraid of anyone finding out, and they panicked and accidently or purposely killed him and pushed him overboard?

9:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rosetta may not have command of the English language but her take on the wife is spot on! A heartless WHORE. The 3 "Russians" were JEWS, but the JEW-owned media always seems to "forget" to mention that! LOL You can be sure it was MURDER, and an obvious cover-up by the Jew-owned Royal Caribbean.

8:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was on this ship. I had the opportunity to meet George in the cigar lounge. He introduced m eto his "friends". These "Friends" were people that I did not want to associate with. What is never mentioned is the behavior of these "Friends" throughout the cruise, they were very loud and acted like spoiled little brats. I saw these "Friends" in security's custody and they appeared to be acting the same way even with sexual assult acusations.
In my mind there is no question that this was a murder by "Friends"
The parents of the "Friends" should also be charged for allowing such behavior to exist.
These "Friends" are 100% guilty, no questions about it.

8:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This particular cruise ship, was indeed a "ship hauling death". Jennifer, would have stayed at that table if she had of seen that signal from Georges' fingers. Instead she just saw the look on his face. thus believing that George, was in agreement of that lude suggestion, she left that table. George, faked being drunk, knowing very well his own intentions. once in his room those other four, were quickly outnumbered. A fake priest, used a syringe, filled with a toxin, on a female, on that elevator. Once unconscious, this "priest", along with an offduty police officer, raped her. After leaving her on that elevator (she still being unconscious), they saw that George, was still alive. George,thought he was now safe after recognizing the authority held by those two. George, came too on deck. Those last two, were gone, he was now in the pressence of the assassian that had just beheaded one of his "apprentices", (making up the large pool of blood), this Assassian, then dissemboweled George Alan Smith, both bodies were then thrown overboard. To know what happened to Natalie Halloway, ask that Assassian. For it is true that many "disappeared", in his pressence.

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Hallucinations said...

What I meant by a 'ship, hauling death', is that it also carried a part of that cargo, that misteriously vanished from the holds,of the sunken 'Titanic'. Meaning that this ship, was a known conspiracy. This 'assassian', knew exactly what he was doing (trained since birth, first victim, his mother). DNA, is highly contaminated when human 'guts', are mixed with it. 'They', believe there is no existence of any means too determain the two different bodies that made up that large pool of blood aboard this ship. Yet unknown to humanity, there 'is' but only one simple method to get a clean DNA, reading-when the blood has been contaminated in such a manner. Three suspects, just prior to their interogation by the FBI, were released. Reason was these FBI agents, recieved a call from their superiors, demanding to release those suspects, without question. George Alan Smith, had strange beliefs. Jennifer, had warned that it could be his death. Never knowing that he died because they, thought he was the one that could reveal the secrets of 'the dead sea scrolls', and much more. only to discover they had the wrong one. How do I know? My initials are 'D.E.G.', found on the first writtings, discovered at what is known as the first church, built by Adam. I also have a distinctive scar on my right foot, which was mainly what the 'assassain' was looking for. Though I give very accurate details as though I were there. I can assure you that I was thousands of miles away. Which matters not to me, for having decended from heaven, I, see what heaven sees. I've also anonymously revealed locations to the archeologist of certain areas, only to have them claim such "discoveries", for themselves.

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


she is remarrying

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Hallucinations said...

This particular "ship hauling death", was indeed just that. The passengers knew there was a great deal wrong with this ship, from the moment they boarded it. even a four year old child, could tell that the machine, used to record the passengers, for the manifest, was never intended to work. given the excuse of a malfunction, the passenger, would wait while their information was written down. While during this delay on a single passenger, two or more passengers, simply walked on through. view all security tapes, from that ship, at least 100, people, were never listed on that manifest. A large part of these unknown people, are priest'. There was discovered in the galley of the sunken Titanic. laying on top of the trash, a single tin can. Why this particular can is such a mystery, was that it contained "Pork&Beans". The only can of its type, on that ship. It was also discovered that in that galley, a large empty space,which "they", believed to be some type of computer (according to the hook-ups). What filled that spot was an eye-retinal-scanner. As you very well know, no-one was allowed near that area until those of the Vatican, made sure nothing could incriminate them. I hate to say it. They've left behind enough evidence of their crimes, that even a blind man would have no trouble in following.

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Hallucinations said...

How would you enjoy being called all types of filth, just because you refused to do a very lude act in front of a bunch of immature grown men? If Jennifer, had of seen that hand signal from George, she would have known his intent and would have possibly stood by his side. If she had of been with him; then I must ask what kind of names, would you give to a dead individual? Witnesses claimed that George, was so drunk that he, had to be helped to his room. When you go fishing or hunting, do you make a lot of racket, or do you try to get what you are going after? If the assassain had of come by that room, one minute earlier, he would have passed that elevator, just as that off-duty cop and priest, got off leaving their raped victim, laying on the floor of that elevator. Upon seeing the mistake those two had made, she would not have her story to tell. In truth she has no story, of how she was druged. The next day, she went to report this crime against her. Upon entering that room, she noticed how uncommenly "crowded", it was. That priest and officer, were also there, instead of hiding from her, they were very persistant on questioning her, then they riducled her, saying that she did not know what she was talking about. All they, wanted to do was see if she recognized them. If she, had of recognized them, she would had also "dissappeared". Soon after this assassain, came to Alabama (his first stop in this country), he was seen in a pick-up truck, with Howard Byrd (never seen again). Shortly after that, an eighty year old woman was raped in her home. She had surprised the assassain and his "followers", while they were disposing of the body, once known as Howard Byrd. Using an extremely powerful type of acid, that evidence was soon gone before the first police officer arrived at that seen. A credit card was discovered on a male (African American), that claimed he had been given that card (this time he, did not lie). That first officer, at that seen is the reason why I hate even the word "Christian", for he had left his fingerprints in a spot that no one else will ever touch nor even wipe-away. Soon after the Coral Castle, was finished. That part of Homestead Florida, was being repopulated. What those priest, did not know was that Ludwig, secretly reburied the people that were very brutily murdered, so that "they", could take over that great marvel for themselves. Which they soon accomplished after burning Ludwig alive. To prove that I am "Hallucinations", I am the only one that knows the whereabouts of the "Ark of the Covenant", and what a "kholit", is that is meantioned in "The Dead-Sea Scrolls", along with the whereabouts of those yet undiscovered treasures.

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Hallucinations said...

What makes this a "ship hauling death", was of the fact that "it" carried the same cargo, that mysteriously vanished from the hold of the sunken Titanic. If you can remember that fact of a certain "discovery" (mysterious goey substance), withen the cargo hold of the Titanic, then you will remember this strange substance, being discovered in many places, in this nation, after the assassain of George Alan Smith, reached this country. This particular "goo", is the residue of a certain powerful acid. the remains of a certain Howard Byrd (from Birmingham Al.). Also a sight seen in many places, during that time period. The media, stated the cause of so many killings, dissapperances, on the hot weather. This is a strange coincidence, considering they used this very same statement just before the Titanic, left its port. Howard Byrd, along with others had just recently been to an auction to bid on the contents of a safe deposit box, that had remained closed until that bank had "closed down". Inside this box were some "unique" items. One of was a stone, that prevented them from exraying the contents of that once closed box. The Assassain, acquired the list of those that had those "items". None of those people, are here today. At that time I, had also observed that this "assassain", was on a few T.V. episodes of "Cops". Before George Alan Smith, died. I had begun writting a book of strange occurances, also about my beliefs. I also started keeping dates of begining and ending my writtings. This assassain, is very powerful. Those he works for is of the first organization, ever devloped on this world. Much older than even the Talaban. The sicilion mob, is merely one of their many developments. Too this very day they still call themselves a member of the Vatican.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First you write "George Allen Smith IV (b. February 2, 1979 - July 5, 2005)", then "Smith was born on October 3, 1978"; when was it ?

2:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Of all I read, I wondered about the "friends". With accusations of sexual assault, I've wondered at the possibilities of this couple being drugged. Also, so much negative has been said about her being passed out, but what husband leaves his new wife passed out in a public place?

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Personally wathched this incident of the Smiths on Nancy Grace. Quite frankly it does not matter if your loved one died one day or one year ago, the loss of a truley loved one is extremely traggic. My father passed away of natural causes in my arms a year ago and I still suffer terribly.

I also saw the footage and I too was married at the same time and if that were to happen to my husband, I would be devistated for years to come. However being Europena myself and knowing how death is dealth with in countries over seas I can only visualise what Mrs. Smith had to go through.

However talking about it on the Oprah show even if it were several years later, I would still not be able to shed many, many tears of pain, just at the thought of the memory of the experience of the events.

I am very experienced and aware at how over seas citizens view the death of individuals and how it is every day life for many in Europe. They bury the dead extremely quick and get on with their day. It is a part of life for them and they look forward to the inheritance they will recieve the next day or shortly after once all is said and done.

The fact that Mrs. Smith had issues with her spouse by kicking him in the groin and that they spent nights apart so shortly after their wedding speaks volumes.

The fact that she slept elsewhere and went to the spa the next morning not caring or knowing where her husband was is suspect. I know if it were my husband I would be with him 24/7 especially on my honeymoon where I did not know any one and had no one else to turn to.

How do we know where she was the night he disappeared? Drunk and passed out on the other side of the ship, but where and with who?

Also these young men, who brought him back to his room, who also were kicked off the ship days later for sexually assaulted another female passenger...? How does any one know that Mrs. Smith was not also sexually assualted by these same gentlemen that evening.

Very attractive young woman to say the least, and no one took advantage of that situation other than for throwing Mr. Smith over board!

The money, the beautiful wife...what was the motive for killing him and throwing him over board? There is always a motive...what was he killed for nothing? Was he thrown over board for sport? I don't think so and neither does any one else...we just don't want to think that way, but we all know...

Where there is smoke there is fire!

God Bless George Smith and his family! I pray that you seek a viable Medium and find the truth for some kind of true closure.

Rest in peace George Smith and family.

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